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The rack adjustment comes first since it’s the first part that goes on the head after the fuel injectors are installed. the IH has fewer problems and doesn't cost as much to fix in comparison to the CAT. 225hp. For light towing I am thinking this will be an ideal truck: Horse trailer to shows, and the flatbed on short hay runs. Well obviously it was well taken care of and it's also a testimonial to it's reliability with that many miles although you didn't say if it was ever rebuilt. Our fleet starting getting Cat 3116 diesel engines in the mid 1990s and we ended up with 13 in total. 1995 CAT 3116 Diesel Engine, 250HP, Approx. 3100 Heui Engine Harness Wiring Diagram 3116 Caterpillar Engines School bus mechanic cat 3116 fuel system schematic i have a topkick with 3116 cat the truck loses prime and is viewing a thread 3116 cat fuel issue 7c9458 solenoid group shutoff fuel engine generator set CODE REFERENCES Spare parts which make part of “STAR” exclusive, though they are not genuine they are interchangeable with genuine ones. ID:1278222; 238. I am wondering if you can turn the HP up on this motor. All Complete and Run Tested. I said while he in there he might as well do all 6. So, while you can remove an injector without too much fuss (even if you do not have CAT tools), the new/repaired injector needs to be adjusted before startup, otherwise damage can ensue. If you have cruise control, press the set/resume button with the on off switch in the off position. Deep and thorough records will be required for me to even come close to the 3116 or 3126s. Aug 15, 2014 · I have one truck with a 3116 Cat in it with 116,000 miles on it. ,Ltd. Typically the HEUI injectors are tested in the engine using Cat ET. dp‐185‐5754 dp‐20r0337 injector g cat 3054 common rail. com. Aug 07, 2011 · I had this problem on a 3116 Cat. Thoroughly tested and undergoing a remanufacturing process that involves complete disassembly and ultrasonic cleaning. Jul 20, 2018 · Caterpillar Diesel Injectors 326-4700 326-4756 127-8222 127-8216 387-9427 32F61-00062 32F61-00060. Be the first to review “Cat Overhead Tool Set (3116 Mechnical engine only)” Cancel reply. Cat vs. Caterpillar 3126B/E HEUI No CAT 3116 INJECTORS MECHANICAL: $35. the original engine dropped a valve and destroyed the motor at over 500,000 miles. 3116 Cat injector. Cat came out to warranty the HEUI (cat's HPOP) monday, and the mechanic said to watch for excessive blow by, and oil consumption, he said that the 3126B had some 'issues' w/ the rings going bad, with my luck the day after warranty runs out the rings will go. 70 rear etc. Dec 27, 2003 · The 3116 is junk Head gasket and injector problems are plentiful, and very expensive to fix. He said it requires special tools to change out and repair the injectors. I have worked on the 3116 quite a bit. If you have the correct tooling remove all 6 injectors and check for burn marks on the bottom of the injector near the bottom around the tip. Looking for injector tool kit 223-2454 for a 3116 engine And Injector seating t Cat 3116. Repair Kits for Injector Pumps System Detroit Diesel Repair Kits for Injector Pumps System Ford Powerstroke-Navistar Repair Kits for Injector Pumps System Motorpal This is an online forum where professionals who work with Caterpillar equipment and engines can exchange information, find answers, and get expert advice from their peers. 95 3114 3116 3126 MUI Injector Sleeve Cup Tube Remover Set. (1995 model with NO emissions) All I have EVER done to it is change fluids and filters and thats it. I was towed several times before Cat figured out what the problem was. It happened abruptly while driving. The mechanical injection 3116 fuel rack control is under the valve cover. Fuel Injector Nozzle OR8684 0R8684 for Caterpillar CAT Engine 3116 Replacement 127-8218 for sale at Fridayparts. 00; Fuel Injector CAT 3116 *core* Cat 3116 fuel injector P/N# 1278213 Factory Caterpillar 3116 / 3126 (electronically controlled engine) Specifications Manual. Refundable $350. The injectors are mechanical so the dial indicator which is part of the Cat Tune up kit for these models measures the height of the injector on the proper stroke. None was found. I brought it in to cat and they replaced the injectors. Caterpillar 3126B W/HUEI Style Injectors. But sadly, I had to replace 2 of the new injectors, and I broke down and gave it to a CAT mechanic to do the work. 2000 CAT 3116 Diesel Engine, 115 HP, All Complete and Run Tested. 00 each test and clean: CAT C7 INJECTORS: $35. DT466 vs. 1998 Thomas Saf T Liner. 00. SHIP WORLDWIDE. 3d 1940 A5E2v1 A5E2v2 acert ADEM V aftermarket automobile bondurant brand c8. Surprisingly small for a 10. the injector cups usually will develop leaks and allow combustion to aereate the fuel. Cat says we need them but . Jun 04, 2017 · I want to buy 173-1530 Caterpillar Injector Seating for 3114-3116, 3126 MUI and 3126 HEUI. On most vehicles, there is no need to remove the cylinder head with these tools, cutting time and wasted energy. Mechanic says I may have an injector going bad on my 1990 GMC Topkick C7H tandem grain truck. 1 liters per pot for a total displacement of 6. I have been also looking at other,similar trucks with 3116/3126 CATs in them to buy for a second truck. Jun 19, 2016 · Caterpillar 3116 223-2454 Injector Tool Kits: Request #111769; The names Cat, Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu, Volvo, Hitachi, Doosan, JCB, Hyundai or any other Dec 14, 2015 · Caterpillar EMS. A brand new diesel engine running at full load will experience a little bit of blow-by upon startup. 2 liters per cylinder for a total displacement of 7. When they burn they become discolored and softly flexible. 3116 Cat Injector Sleeve Replacement. May 20, 2009 · Topkick cat 3116 wont start. You should purchase a overhaul kit and follow the detailed instructions. Failures occurred in the first few years so by now that shouldn't be a concern but I would check the history of the engines using their serial numbers with Caterpillar. 03mm is what I am looking for the injector height setting Regards I kind of figured but thought id give you both, I didn't know how much you took apart. cat 3116 injector for sale - 511 - cat 3116 injector wholesalers & cat 3116 injector manufacturers from China manufacturers. ) switched #1 and #2 injectors, problem the same 4. The truck runs good but after it sits overnight, it is hard starting it. crap injector cups and a huge amount of accepted levels of oil dilution from leaking injectors the engine is a joke we were told by CAT 3116 Injector. 00 each test and clean: Other injector not listed. Engine is running fine with no performance issues or visible mechanical issues. I think the 3116 is the bigest piece of crap cat has ever made a horible feul system with the worst quality injectors tolerances of any motor ever even worse than reliabuilt detroit injectors. Heavy duty genuine CAT Fuel Injector for the C13 (3116) Engine are remanufactured by Flight Diesel, a leader in injector remanufacturing. 79K Miles. Cat 3116 motor from military truck. You must register as an ADE supplier to view part descriptions and prices. the old owner of this engine said it had valves replaced at a local shop so I figured I was good to go. CAT 3116 Engine Rocker Housing:… . A friend of mine with a 3126 just recently had the same problem as you. Asked in Cats What problems would a bad ambient air sensor in 06 dodge 1500 do? REMAN Fuel Injector For CAT 3116/3114 Refundable $160. Jun 11, 2014 · Need torque on injector hold down clamps on 3126 cat? Answer. Trying to figure out if I have a bad injector or weak injector, 300 hp 3116. jpg Air bubbles could come from bad injector seal; actually be gas forced into the fuel line from inside the cylinder. Jan 11, 2017 · I'm a Cat man for a living, with all the tooling and information needed. First they are parent bore engines which makes them either not rebuildable or a huge pain if you can find a shop to do it. php on line 143 Deprecated: Function create_function() is Where can you find tachometer pickup on 91 gmc topkick with 3116 cat engine cracked intake gasket, bad cylinder liner or cracked block, air compressor head gasketif this was a Cat 3116 I'd Re: Cat 3116 engine fuel injectors ?? A bad injector is something that needs to be addressed. We have 13 of these engines and have gone through a few of the same compression leakage problems. I had a bad speed sensor & it did not throw any codes. Fuel in coolant is almost 100% bad sleeves or seals. CAT 3116 INJECTORS MECHANICAL: $35. During a recent oil change, upon changing the fuel filters, looks like the fuel has been contaminated with motor oil. I have a starting problem if the air pressure is below 80 psi where the throttle does not operate, the engine will crank just fine but won't start. 0R8473 CAT 3116 FUEL INJECTOR Rebuilt Goldfarb & Associates offers fast and free shipping via UPS ground within 24 hours of purchase (Monday through Friday). [Archive] CAT 3116? Fueling Caterpilllar. What my mechanic found when he did diag. Cores must be returned within 30 days to receive refund. I’m not sure why the injector cups were prone to failure, maybe to thin, but it’s a very well known and documented issue. the injectors themselves are opened/closed by the camshaft. 00 with Exchange. Jul 13, Symptoms of a bad pick up module on a 1996 GMC. 1284 engine hours 90% at WOT, 10% high idle. Running May 30, 2019 · Visit the post for more. I pull a 28' trailer @ 7000 lbs w/a 7. Injector nozzel. sometimes they will leak in the area of the injector seat in the sleeve. Cat 3116 Injector timing dial indicator. Both use a HEUI fuel injection system of multiple oil-driven fuel pumps to step up the pressure. Tend to be called throw-away engines, but would live a long time in a pickup truck. How do you overhead on a cat 3116 engine? Overhauling eight 3116 Caterpillar diesel engine is a very complex project. 99 USD. I have a 1991 Beaver Baronet with a 3116 Cat. Put an injector Like the title says. Dec 11, 2018 · Usual issue with the 3116 is injector to injector cup interface leakage. Any motor which requires removal of the crank damper to change the alternator belt and $$ in special service tooling as others have stated would not be on my shopping list. I love those lil guys, a true mechanics engine. Contains torque specs, valve lash, crankshaft, camshaft, piston, etc. So far the word is the number 6 cylinder has a broken push rod. dp‐127‐8209 dp‐0r8483 injector g cat 3116 reman. i have a GMC top kick with a 3116 cat that suddenly has no power. WE CARRY A FULL LINE OF CATERPILLAR PARTS. 3406 and C series all the way, and for a toy I'd love to have a 1693 Cat came out to warranty the HEUI (cat's HPOP) monday, and the mechanic said to watch for excessive blow by, and oil consumption, he said that the 3126B had some 'issues' w/ the rings going bad, with my luck the day after warranty runs out the rings will go. CAT 3116 in an MDT CAT 3116 is a good engine but 170 hp is less then Mercedes 906 270 hp ore ISL with over 300 hp Its had a injector Search our giant inventory of Core-New-Rebuilt Cat Engine Fuel Injectors for sale online. Cat did fix the valve and head issues but all owners had to fight (and still loose) claims. We look for a engine 3116 4TF -To fit in a Cat 325 3LL Cat 3116. My friend ( now me helping too ) is/ are working on a 94 GMC Topkick w/ 3116 Cat, Engine has a misfire @ #1 cylinder, 2 - 6 run good, 1. It took a while to get there. 5 turbo diesel, with mods Blew the head gasket, put all new heads, valves, injecotrs gaskets etc on the truck only to get it together and find out it had “As the leading Caterpillar® repairer of CAT diesel injection systems, we are thrilled to be able to offer our customers this new facility, which will achieve major cost savings and greatly improve engine performance,” Warren Hauser, RFIS workshop manager, says. We had a small re-ocurring problem with the injection pump, which maybe you're the one who posted about the same problem. Dec 28, 2016 · We have a truck with a cat 3116 engine in it. How does it perform in the truck? Can someone share with me some of your experience? Thanks a lot We have a single axle GMC (33K GVW) with 3116 @ 250 HP. The copper cups have to be cut with a special reamer and the injector pressed in place with special tooling. I am not familiar with "the screw" I only assume it is on the side of the injector pump somewhere. I have just bought a used 1993 HMC 36 Ltd edition which is powered by a Cat 3116 turbo 250hp engine. submarineboat. Cat serial tag removed by the military but the mil tag looks like it says 7AG03820 for serial. There are no reviews yet. I have reemed the injector cups and run the rack and reset the over head. the truck runs changed air filters. Related 23 May 2019 Had a mechanic out in March to replace my injectors on both engines. The kit is in excellent condition and doesn't appear to ever have been used. Try to find the kit made by Meyer, they call it "Carpenter diesel engine service tool system". 1996 Tested Caterpillar 3116 Diesel Engine Fuel Injector PN# 0R8461 1278222 for sale in Tennessee for $129. 3116/3126 injector sleeve But I'm in now and need to have truck on road for Monday it's my service truck cups weren't issue bad head gasket just thought I'd do IMO The 3116s had problems at the start. Cat CAT 3116. just a governor/fuel pump. Now, CAT builds good stuff so what’s the truth here? I think it is the following… Why does the CAT 3126 have a bad rap? The 3126 is based on an earlier engine (3116), it appears that earlier engine had some bad problems and this started it out on a bad foot. Mileage is 159K. And that's coming from a cat lover. The engines are delivered with new pistons, reconditioned connecting rods, new main bearings, new cam bearings, new rod bearings, reconditioned cylinder block, cylinder head (with all new valves and injector cups), crankshaft, camshaft, injectors, and turbo. 7 c13 c15 carbon caterpillar classic parts dealer defects ecm engine Engines fast moving parts ferrari foundamentals fuel Games gazogene henry ford heui injector job caterpillar lawless marine memory novel numeralkod poppet valve RINA safety Technology testing video The fuel injection pressure is based on inputs from the sensors. 00 each test and clean: CAT 3126 ELECTRIC INJECTORS (TOP MOUNTED SOLENOID ONLY) $35. my dad has a 3116 in his snapon tool truck, that thing is a pig, but i know that there is something wrong with it, from the small knowledge that ive gathered on this engine, it sounds like it needs a overhead adjustment the valves and the injector syncronization needs to be checked. Injector Sleeve Cup Removal Tool & Install Kit. Know Your Engine. 4 X IR0751 Fuel Filter Cat CAT 3116. line, rockers and undo injector roll away from fuel rack & pull the injector, blow out the fuel from the cylinder reassemble in reverse. We look for good used cylinder head 1407373 Cat 3116. You better do your research on the 3116 and see what truckers have to say about it. Jun 01, 2011 · I am working on a 3116 cat engine no start. Also, if you remove an injector you will need to cut the seats in the head. 3116 and 3126 Truck Engines Problem Engine Misfiring Or Running Rough. Fond out by accident that it was bad. Wiki User either the injector is bad and needs replaced, or the connector has gone bad/ the wires are shorted out. Sometimes a sight glass in the return line will show compression bubbles if the seats are leaking. I havent verified it but it sounds like a stuck injector. Any help is appreciated. I pulled the valve cover for the last pic. Problems with header tank that corrodes out giving overheat issues, bad design Johnson pump, bad design intercooler . I had CAT do oil samples, update Generator Set Enclosure I have a pair of 3126 marine engines in a 1996 boat that I Apr 09, 2013 DIY and save over one thousand dollars. 7L Injector 2007. The fuel injection pressure is based on inputs from the sensors. Required fields are 1995 CAT 3116 Diesel Engine, 250HP, Approx. When I told him it was from a CAT 3116 he immediately asked if it had used more coolant lately. The 3126 displaces 1. BobR wrote: I owned the 3116 engines. dp‐212‐3462 dp‐10r0767 injector g cat 3054 . As you saw in the video the dial indicator that comes in the tune up kit has an extension arm that rests against the rack on each injector. The problem lies within the injector cups, they are brass while the injectors run no bottom o-ring, compression seeps past slowly causing this issue. lower horsepower engines cant be bomded to muck cause of internal parts 215 horse is good and up ron IMO The 3116s had problems at the start. Today I returned it to the cat shop and they are working on the repair. Jan 13, 2007 · The 3116 is very prone to this problem. 6 Caterpillar C7 Caterpillar 3116 CAT 320D. Home / Caterpillar Service Manuals / Cat 3116 / 3126 Electronic (sn 8WL,1WM, 4ES) / Caterpillar 3116/3126 Electronic Troubleshooting Manual (electronic engine) Caterpillar 3116/3126 Electronic Troubleshooting Manual (electronic engine) $ 245. Has a Cat 3116 mechanical fuel injection. Injector part number needed for pricing. Probable Cause(s): * Cold Outside Temperatures * Air In Fuel * Injector Problem I agree with Bill on using the injector seating tool Cat # 173-1530. 1045857 turbo. t6 One 1 Fuel Injector Free More items. Fuel rail is built into head. It runs on 5 cylinders and sounds like it has a fuel knock on the one cyl that's not working. Hello, 149-5401 we need this engine block for cat Aug 26, 2011 · The Cat 3116 diesel engine comes with a electric fuel shutdown solenoid which is controlled by the key switch. We help you find the heavy duty truck parts that you need. Stock # 217442-12, MLS # 9321263 Oct 24, 2019 · I am looking at boats with Cat 3116 300HP motors. If the seating tool does not remedy the problem you need to find a Cat dealer who has the seat removal and machining tools. Brought it back for intake heater relay and rear brakes. 3 Cummins vs. Jul 11, 2003 · 3116 It will have a turbo on it, Cat does not make a 3116 with out it. Secondly some used the screwy heui injection systems, lastly, they were notorious for injector cups leaking. If your mechanic cannot reset the pump, I would suggest that get your local caterpillar to check the pump and i have a GMC top kick with a 3116 cat that suddenly has no power. Mar 26, 2011 · the 3116 and 3126 cats are ok but they have some serious drawbacks. Oct 11, 2012 · I have a 1998 chevrolet C6500 it has a cat 3116 engine. Factory printed Caterpillar disassembly & assembly manual for Cat 3116 (mechanical) engine. Probable Cause(s): * Cold Outside Temperatures * Air In Fuel * Injector Problem Cat 3116 injectors must be synchronized to work together whenever an injector is installed or replaced. About 27% of these are injector nozzles, 20% are construction machinery parts, and 17% are other auto engine parts. Aug 20, 2013 · Topkick cat 3116 wont start Check your fusible links; these are small wires molded into the middle of a bigger wire they are usually located up by the battery cables. the 3126/C7 should be shot and put out of it's misery. This is a Cat Caterpillar 143-2099 Injector Sleeve Replacement Tool Group for 3114, 3116, 3126 MUI and HEUI Diesel engines. when cold Hello Guys, Newbie here I am looking to buy a M1078/1079. Is this a bad idea? I am not unhappy with the power in the truck, just wondering CAT 3114, 3116, 3126 Connecting Rod Bolts Con Rods with Machined join Step 1 = 54 Nm, 40 lb. Not bad for what it is. The check engine light will flash, count the number of flashes, when it pauses & restarts count them again. Mar 11, 2014 · Setting Valves and Injectors on a Cat 3116 Diesel Engine . 3116 needs tooling, 3126 doesnt. It is a relatively simple system, without the bells and whistles mandated by current emissions regulations. The reman Cat 3116 is designed for use in heavy equipment and construction and many other applications. Connect the Cat ET to connector CDC-P7 (WP 0012). . Cat 3116 Injector – Part Number Specific. 3116's need to have the injectors and valves adjusted to really properly keep in sync. Core - 3116 INJECTOR. Bad injector seal possibilities…. 3116 cat motor 8 posts - 7 authors - Last post: Aug 29, 2008Just trying to figure out how to work on a 3116 cat motor in a 1995 Kodiak. I won't be pulling 20,000 fifth wheels like some folks try to do with a FL60!!! Cat lists 3116 engines up to 275 Hp, so it must be a simple turn up. If you are performing any repair or overhaul on this Cat engine, you need the proper information in order to ensure you can perform the job correctly. Injection Actuation Pressure Sensor Circuit. Search for this v13, 15day free, if you activation PM I have a GMC Truck with a cat 3116 engine. Also if anyone can provide me with the correct engine oil to use in this engine would help me too. I printed out the photo and took it to MHC, a local truck service station and and Ernie confirmed it was water. mil says we don't. Nov 29, 2010 · www. (4) The 3116 as well as other CAT engines use mechanical injectors. Starboard side went fine, port side had a bad injector from Cat, and was  30 Aug 2012 Troubleshooting the Caterpillar 3116 Fuel System - Free download as Word (4) The 3116 as well as other CAT engines use mechanical injectors. 26-28,000 miles. Jun 17, 2012 · cat man. I want a drivetrain that will last (with proper maintenance). I have heard of "turning the screw in" 3-4 turns. Approx. Evidently . now just the other I have a 1991 Beaver Baronet with a 3116 Cat. this is a common repair for this engine. the truck runs fine at first get a couple of miles down the road and has no power, stubles like its not getting air or fuel with pedal to the floor will start to clear up then act up again. And they are over heavy, fragile, ridiculously expensive to rebuild burn a lot of fuel Sell DieselCore your Cat 3116 Injector core for $15. tool group injector settings Cat 3116. Alibaba. 00 Sell This Item. 2 liters. if the problem is still present then it is injectors or pump. It will most likely have an inter-cooler on it also. 3 powerstroke pickup but want to have the luxury of sleeping over @ the races. See how oil injection works and all of its components work together in this month C sounds more like a pump setting problem than an injector problem to me. Chevrolet 6. 3116, 3126 engine manuals and specs Jan 30, 2009 · I had one that had pushed an o-ring out and was leaking so bad I could push the priming pump in and hear the diesel squirting out under the tappet cover, that made things a lot faster as I knew exactly which tappet cover to pull off and went straight to the right injector, that took maybe 1. I was just given a 1995 GMC Topkick W/a Cat 3116 motor and Allison trans. Diesel Parts Direct carries a great selection of new and remanufactured parts. $3,750. P/N available: 1278207, 1278213, 1278216, 1278218, 1278222, 1278225, 127-8207, 127-8213, 127-8216, 127-8218, 127-8222, 127-8225. i don't have that cat et service kit. The o-rings were suppose to have been replaced on the fuel pump. My advice is don't buy the CAT tool kit. The only CAT dealer here is a total POS (NC Machinery) so if you have a decent dealer it might not be bad, but for here it is a total POS. The stainless sleeves don't cause as much trouble. The truck starts run fine, no rust, stake body, 3. INDUSTRIAL Fuel Injector for CAT Excavators, Loaders, Bulldozers, Motor Graders and Trucks(id:10793645). 2005-2007 Mitsubishi 4M50 Injection Pump Replacement Procedure $ 50. There are several adjustments on the 3116 fuel injection pump and resetting one doesn’t require a pump replacement, but it does require access to Cat specs. the motor I got for it has 134,000 miles and did have a history off problems with the valves. I ran one in a Massey-Ferguson 1805 4wd tractor. Complex valve train requires dealer only tools to set up valves and injection timing as there a unit injector, coolers on the small side . You cannot miss it, once the cover is removed, you will find it seal tagged by Cat. Pull the injectors and replace the injector sleeves, it's a quick and easy job with the CAT tooling avaliable, should be able to do it in 3-4 hours easily. We got real good service out of them and no major chronic problems. ) installed a new injector in # 1 hole, problem is the same, 3. The HEUI 3126 and C7 can be a nightmare. can you help? How do you overhead on a cat 3116 engine? If it is just one injector, it is a bad injector or a problem in the wiring harness or connector for that injector. Turns out the valve is gone from cylinder 6 and the head is cracked. i changed injector o - cars & trucks question CAT C-13 Injector 10R1274 Remanufactured Fuel Injector for CAT 3116 Engines. Your email address will not be published. The second is they are unit injectors that are a pain to set timing and or diagnose an air leak if one comes up or change an injector. I have gone up to 12K on a small sump but may settle for 10K. My question for you is why would you guys even want a Cat in that thing? The 3116 Cat injectors work off of a "rack" like the old Detroit 53,71,and 92 series 2 cycle engines. Manufacturer’s reference numbers have only an indicative purpose. To conclude the CAT 3116 isn't a terrible engine but is damn near at the bottom of the best diesel engine  Cat 3116 motor from military truck. check your fuel tanks and see if the fuel is a black color from high pressure oil going to fuel return to the tank. Also check your relays too. Feb 25, 2013 · SOURCE: topkick cat 3116 wont start Check your fusible links; these are small wires molded into the middle of a bigger wire they are usually located up by the battery cables. I changed the fuel filter but no better. He went through all the things trying to fix it like you did. I did some research on internet, and it seems like Cat 3116 engine has such a bad reputation out there. Over 1,000 pages of detailed workshop information for the Cat 3116 6-cylinder engine is included in this download. The 3126 is better, but not by much. ft Step 2 = + 60° Con Rods with Fractured join Step 1 = 70 Nm, 52 lb. He also agreed with Dave that a bad fuel injector does not normally hurt the cylinder,but it can so repair asap. National Power Supply prides itself in the Caterpillar 3116 engines, remanufactured and used. Factory Caterpillar 3116 / 3126 (electronically controlled engine) Specifications Manual. I picked it up and within 60 miles it began to smoke and run a bit rough. 7K Hours. 11-04-2017 Running bad going in. Need Caterpillar 3116 Injector Parts? Check out 4 Caterpillar 3116 Injector Parts for sale. Finding a mechanic to set the injectors with the special tool set (3116 specific) is very expensive. recommendations for Cat diesel engines that are Operation and Maintenance Manual for Cat fluids the 3116 and 3126 Marine Diesel Engines that use. It not a bad idea to replace the seal anyway but I later discovered that  we have same problem here with our 3116 cat engine !! the problem was with the injectors !! we bought new injectors all 6 of it !! together with  Hi there just wondering if anyone knows a thing or two about 3116 that much pressure back into tank Injector cup or cups are bad and as  i have recently bought a 95 c6500 topkick with a 3116. ft Step 2 = + 120° Click for more CAT 3114. Without this tool kit you can not work on the top end at all except to adjust the valves. Related products. Inquire for pricing Caterpillar 3116 injector pump >>> caterpillar 3116 injector pump Caterpillar 3116 injector pump - River Edge Citizens Sep 11, 2010 GamerzPlaze - Caterpillar 3116 injector pump 8 posts - Last post: 21 AugCaterpillar 3116 Injector Pump Install: PDF Online Books . A ten year old bus will generally have well over 200-250,000 miles and still be running good in every respect. The only real issues they have can be the injector seats and tubes. Funny I had the exact same problem when I hit 525k on my 3126 cat. 37. Seems like it is losing its prime. I have a 3116 Cat with 53000 miles and 2000 hours (according to CAT computer). Aug 16, 2012 · 3126 cat engine will not start in the morning, but after a little shot of ether she starts up. Finally he took it to a shop and they found it was a bad injector O-Ring and the fuel system was sucking air. I was wondering where I should start with this. Put an injector I had a bad speed sensor & it did not throw any codes. 4 Caterpillar C6. mil likes to throw a ton of money at junk so I am installing injectors in this m1078. was a bad timing sensor. $9,995. Search for this v13, 15day free, if you activation PM Great new video about the CAT 3116 history, problem areas, etc Bottom line is leave injector work to the cat house. In the 1995/96 time frame they did have some bad castings of engine blocks. At 166K milage it became hard to start. i replace fuel filters, changed air filters. As for price I don't know it will depend on the cost of new or reman injectors or the cost of repairing the old ones. Two days later, he is finished replacing 6 injectors and the problem is not fixed. drained fuel thinking it was bad since truck sat for bout 8 into deeper troubleshooting but the injector cups would not be at the top of  Fuel Injection: Electronic high-pressure common rail . As for the Cat 3116 and 3126 it is known that they blow headgaskets and have premature wear on cyl walls around 200,000 you dont have to believe me it makes me no difference anyway. View photos, details, and other Fuel Injectors for sale on MyLittleSalesman. You can adjust the valves but might be easier to have the injectors done by someone who has the proper tools. Since he replaced the sensor for the timing my fuel economy went up almost 2 mpg. The 3116/3126 marine engines have a colourful history in the US, and the reputation they have earned has not yet reached these shores. 4L engine. the customer picked the truck up and was pleased with the results. He also put camera into cylinder to check for damage. 6 liters. The Cat 3116 Engine. The 3116 is not that bad maybe but weak and it takes a special tool to set the injectors that is only good for that engine and is getting scarce. Middle o-ring. Cat 3116 Marine Engine Manual Caterpillar 3116 Marine. Cat mechanic in Nassau said most people do that. pdf Free Download Here We stock Cat 3116 3126 3126B 3126E 3176 3208 3306 3406 Injector/nozzle PART A - Prostheses Feb 25, 2013 · SOURCE: topkick cat 3116 wont start Check your fusible links; these are small wires molded into the middle of a bigger wire they are usually located up by the battery cables. I would love to go up to a 10-12L Cat and roll out of this unit after three years, but the uptick on a such a Class 8 truck is about $15,000. Other items you may be interested in: Fuel Injector CAT 3116. just a hunk of crap. This is a HEAVY DUTY HIGH VOLUME rebuild of the Caterpillar pumps for the 3126E and 3126B and 3116 HEUI engines. com,Buy aftermarket parts For CAT excavators,wheel loaders,bulldozer,backhoe,skid steer loader and so on. How loud are they and how bad do they smoke, I am spoiled by common rail motors with under water exhaust. 01' CAT 3116 Hydraulic Power Unit, 170HP. Inquire for pricing This pump is our newest member of the Adrenaline High Volume High Pressure Oil Series. A wide variety of 3116 injector options are available to you, There are 314 3116 injector suppliers, mainly located in Asia. New CAT 1278216 Injector Caterpillar Aftermarket for CAT 3114, 3116, 3126, AP-1000, AP-1000B, AP-1050B, AP-1055B and more Please select a wishlist you wish to add selected product(s) to: Main The 3116 is not that bad maybe but weak and it takes a special tool to set the injectors that is only good for that engine and is getting scarce. They often break before their time, give trouble, need special tools, don't make much power, eat more than some other engines, and cost a LOT to repair. dp‐160‐1695 dp‐0r9807 injector g cat 3116 reman Caterpillar fuel injector 326-4700 heui injector; Re-conditioned CAT fuel injector 3879427 for C7 engine; CAT fuel injector 320D 326-4756 10R-7951 for cat excavator; Caterpillar CAT fuel injector 320-0690 for diesel CR engine; Diesel Fuel Injector CAT 127 8216 suit for Caterpillar Engine 3116; Genuine new Diesel Fuel Common Rail Caterpillar Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in /home/u614785150/public_html/99q4gpv/wbclp. Iv always been told that in order to swap any injector you have to re-synchronize it with a special tool from Cat that cost $2500. The engine only has 49,000 miles. The Caterpillar 3116 is a turbocharged diesel engine used for marine propulsion. I believe we need the fixture and block to get a constant return point. 0R4374 0R8473 101-8673 127-8213. Goto 'my ' and on purchase history located 50 acres in the city of spokane valley, spalding auto parts dismantles approximately 6,500 vehicles annually. 0R3002, 0R3003, 0R3190, 0R3389, 0R3580, 0R3742, 0R4368, 0R4369, 0R4370, 0R4374, And 0R4376 Remanufactured Unit Injectors Used On Various 3114 And 3116 Engines Need To Be Removed From Parts Stock 0R3002, 0R3003, 0R3190, 0R3389, 0R3580, 0R3742, 0R4368, 0R4369, 0R4370, 0R4374, And 0R4376 Remanufactured Unit Injectors Used On Various 3114 And 3116 Engines Need To Be Removed From Parts Stock PAI 381860 CAT 3116 3126B Thermostat Replaces 1193075 PAI 321336 CAT 3126B Injector Oring Kit Replaces 2421539. Heavy Duty Truck v13 has info 3116, you can pull the injector with out disturbing the fuel rack, remove the inj. Here is a pic: injector. Cat 3126B - Sleeve Tool Kit. You would have to be damn near crazy to put another $7000 into that engine unless you had the Cat tools, manual and one hell of a passion for that engine. This style injector leaves a thin line impression in the sleeve. ) removed # 1 injector, compression is good, 2. Blow-by is a condition where diesel fuel, air and vapor are pushed past the rings into the crankcase of the engine. Hello Guys, Newbie here I am looking to buy a M1078/1079. 00 CORE Charge. i know its a bad injector this engine burns about 20 percent more than starboard and i have a little bit of black smoke from port side. It can be used alone or in tandem to power boats and is compatible with a number of different Caterpillar marine transmissions that can provide faster or slower acceleration depending on a vessel's intended use. This kit contains all of the tools and gauges necessary to adjust the injectors seperately and then in synch together. ” Cancel reply. Causes of Diesel Engine Smoke - By Color. All went well. Request for quotation If you are looking for spare parts Create new request Jun 11, 2014 · IIRC, that model could be had with the DT466, DT530, Cummins 6BT, Cat 3116, or Cat 3126 engine. Fuel Injectors for Caterpillar C6 Caterpillar C6. Jul 24, 2006 · the 3116 does not have an injector pump. The 3116 uses a unit injector, nothing special about it, Detroit’s used that kind of injection as well. Has anyone had much experience with this motor? I have found a nice looking bucket truck, with an Allison Automatic transmission, and Cat 3116 in it, but I just dont want a headaches engine!! Or something that might just die prematurely, or without warning or good reason. I purchased this truck with a bad engine. NEW Turbocharger for CAT 3116. Re: Cat 3116 w/no power you can always put in bigger injectors, you just have to find a place to get them, propane is just piped in pre-turbo so any kit will work with any engine, I've got one sitting on my shelf that is just a regulator and an electric valve, water/meth is also just sprayed in. $13. 5-2015 $ 30. Nov 22, 2007 · Initially diagnosed by the Alban Cat mechanic as a bad fuel injector for cylinder 6. Injectors have a couple O-rings on the body and seat into copper cups. People is avoiding Cat 3116 all together. If it is all of the injectors, it 3116 and 3126 Truck Engines Problem Engine Misfiring Or Running Rough. Has a 2012 military reman tag on the engine. It is a fuel issue because if idling it will have full power for a couple of seconds then lose all power and coast then full power again and repeat the cycle. Figure 6-12 illustrates the EMS used on Caterpillar 3116, 3176, 3406E, and 3500 engines. Ive done a few 3116 and 3126 engines in 950f and 938g's Takes a little time if you don't do them often Factory printed Caterpillar disassembly & assembly manual for Cat 3116 (mechanical) engine. You are going to need to buy the tool set if you want to adjust the rack. They are known for throwing metal at the injectors that cannot be cleaned out but some have developed a solution. The injector tip seal is always removed. How does it perform in the truck? Can someone share with me some of your experience? Thanks a lot CAT 3116 Diesel Fuel Injection Pump M1078 M1079 M1080 M35A3 M36A3 M109A4 2 ½ Ton Trucks and M1083 M1084 M1085 M1086 M1087 M1088 M1089 M1090 M1091 M1095 M1096 5-Ton Trucks NSN 2990013613949 PN 4P4306 Feb 25, 2012 · Cat 3116 in a 6500 gmc acts like it has a bad fuel when under a load and pulling a hil but on flat it runs ok does have a new fuel filter … read more Thanks for replies. Review (mpn: 101-8673 for sale) 101-8673 1995 Cat 3116 Fuel Injector Hgmc-conv 322. 3116,3126 have all had major probs with heads, valves and unit type injectors and pumps. $145. Worst fuel system CAT has ever made. 3116 CAT. The service manual set follows the manufacturer’s standards for troubleshooting, service and repair and is essential for all diesel mechanics working on the 3116 engine. Caterpillar delivered a lot of these diesel engines during the late eighties and mid nineties. I set the timing on my injectors without the CAT tool and my 3116 ran without problems for a while. The Cat rep came by and gave us a one day school on them and we gathered (from him, that is) that Cat wasn't real proud of them, however, all ours ran forever. Browse Related 1997 CATERPILLAR 3116 MECHANICAL DIESEL ENGINE FOR SALE CAT 185HP 64K $3750. The 3116 is a dry block motor,same as it's newer cuz,the 3126 which is what I have. The engine is leaking oil somewhere in the front of the engine. If you think you might have issues, clear tubing on the fuel return line will tell you if you have a leaking cup. Dodge Cummins 6. If the injectors are removed you must cut the seats before renistalling them. . Expedited and international shipping can be arranged with an additional charge by contacting a customer support representative. VAT EXEMPT IF NON EU OR HOLD EU Jan 11, 2017 · I'm a Cat man for a living, with all the tooling and information needed. drained fuel thinking it The 173-1530 seating tool is for injectors with the new-style cone, which has a rather sharp sealing surface. i have recently bought a 95 c6500 topkick with a 3116. The 3116 sleeves work well if the forcing tool is used but that is another story for another thread. Feb 04, 2011 · 8. It is located on the Governor/pump assembly [threaded in] with two wires controlling the electro-magnetic on/off function. Precision flow matching valve lift and travel set to OEM specs. CATERPILLAR 3116 injector 127-8216 Caterpillar P/N Reman P/N Engine Type 127-8211 0R8477 3114/3116MUI 127-8216 0R8682 3114/3116MUI 127-8218 0R8684 3114/3116MUI 127-8222 0R8461 3114/3116MUI 127-8225 0R8469 3114/3116MUI 127-8205 0R8479 3114/3116MUI 127-8207 0R8475 3114/3116MUI 127-8209 0R8483/0R3742 3114/3116MUI The 3116 has brass injector sleeves. Asked me if I wanted 1 new injector or all 6. Lots of guys don't like them,maybe because it is ultra critical that you can't get behind on your oil changes as it needs clean oil to activate the 3116's need to have the injectors and valves adjusted to really properly keep in sync. Jan 28, 2014 · The 3116 uses a unit injector with a fuel rack / governor controlled fuel system. i would pass myself, parts are available, but electronics are costly and there are less and less people left that can work on them. 127-8211 127-8228 127-8230 Injector for CAT 3116 3114. WhatsApp:+8615328181468 Factory Cat 3116/3126 (electronically controlled engine) ECM Wire Diagram for engine serial numbers 8WL, 1WM, 4ES, 2CW. Id take a dt466 or a 8. 6 - Injector Sleeves. High quality replacement injector for the Caterpillar CAT 3116 diesel engine. Results were: Bad 3 fuel injector, so I took Dave´s advice and replaced all 6. The 3116 is the engine with a "Detroit" style fuel system. 3116 Engine pdf manual download. I BELIEVE the second to last or last injector has a bad cup (coolant path around . C-13 fuel injectors. The synchronization tool is basically a premeasured block that is installed between the number one cylinder injector and the engine block, at which point the second part of the synchronization tool, a dial caliper, is used. Check out these posts on seating injectors Aug 15, 2014 · The 3116 displaces 1. CAT Engine parts CAT 3116 injector spare parts JYHY DIESEL We can provide complete solutions for diesel engine pump and injectors testing also, like test bench, test tools etc. 5 hours max but that is the exception rather than the The 3126 injector sleeves are stainless steel vs the copper sleeves in a 3116. $8,995. This kit includes everything that you need for the removal of the injector sleeves from CAT 3114, 3116 and 3126 with mechanical injection. For Cat 3116 Marine Engine we are looking for the following. As it will not atomize the fuel correctly and can cause severe engine damage or failure if left unchecked. I am leaking oil at the rate of about 1 quart every 75 to 100 miles at road speed. Apr 27, 2009 · imho both motors are gutless. Oct 29, 2003 · cat 3116 i had a 96chevy with 3116 in it for 240k and never had a problem good engine the injectors are kind of like a detroit and hard to set but not needed often they difently do not like dirt so keep filters changed the truck will fall apart before the engine one more thing the water pump is belt driven by its self and nobody ever adjust it its a bear but keep tight. Thanks, We offer remanufactured Caterpillar 3116 engines in 150 - 350 hp configurations. No tuning required. If you ever pull the injectors on a mechanical 3116, the rack is an absolute B***H to set right. com How to adjust the fuel injectors for a Caterpillar 3116 diesel engine with mechanical injectors. this engine is not as ez as my old 3208's. Apr 01, 2013 · Check out how the high pressure oil injection system (HEIU) works as we look at the complete oil injection works. 49 $ Add To Cart. 127-8216: Fuel injector for 3114 and 3116 Caterpillar engines. On the return trip to his house the truck died (unloaded no trailer, Bobtail). INJECTOR ASSEMBLY FOR THE CAT 3116 ENGINE. If I recall correctly you paid $1000 for this engine. ive checked all turbo pipes for leaks none. I've not seen any 3116-3126 CAT or "B" series Cummins do this in a school bus application. 4P5388 Caterpillar Governor Genuine Cat 3116. We sent the bus to our local CAT dealer for an analysis. I was thinking of converting it to a toter home (bed/bath/shower etc). CAT 3116 Fuel 1193061 | Caterpillar Sleeve - Injector 3114 3116 P000533, P000533,, 7W5749, 1193061, 1013254, M-1193061, 1193061, Caterpillar Sleeve - Injector 3114 3116 Cat CAT 3116. Oh yes , French built engine , they had soft engine block issue , some done under warranty . Engine: Caterpillar (CAT) 3116. i was recently spoiled badly with a buddy's 725hp CAT that ran like someone set the CAT on fire and this was with a 70ton rotator that was firmly bolted to it. Dear sir, madame A costumer is looking for a 223 - 2454 MUI Injection Tool group int 3204, 3208, 3116, 3126 are all lousy engines. 1998 Cat 3116, 300 hp, in BHM 32’ lobster boat, presently has 1700 hrs. 00; 65. 3208 has probs with cracked ex manifolds, and injection pump advance /retard gear, very costly was revised on later engines, also probs with unstable idle speed due to rust inside pump, cost at least 3k per engine to sort out done 2 engines recently. seems like it falls flat on it face. I had 3126 cats 420hp in my last boat and they were a nightmare. we would like to know availability and price for new or used 1431209. All injectors are thoroughly tested to Our high mileage fleet almost demands wet sleeves because of our annual miles per bus of approx. Cummins, or 10L? I have a Pete with the 3126B and Cat says this is why clean oil and an analysis program/ drain interval is so important. You can add around 90 real horses by cranking that rack adjustment up until you run out of the ability to control the throttle. $6,995. 3 cummins any day to a cat 3116 or 3126 1996 Gmc k2500 4x4 6. Cat 3126 Injector Setting Manual: Cat 3126 Injector Setting Manual Caterpillar 3126 Service Manual Jan 14, ( 257 original hours ). com offers 315 3116 injector products. When looking for a reman Caterpillar, look no further than Natonal Power Supply for your needs. Facts, Engine Design, Design Info, And Common Failures. 00 On Aug 12, 2012, a question titled '3116 won't start' (5357) was added to the Caterpillar forum on Diesel Talk. View product details of Fuel Injector for CAT Excavators, Loaders, Bulldozers, Motor Graders and Trucks from A&S Machinery Co. and a bad o ring on the high pressure return tube for the oil. Dec 17, 2016 · Removal and installation of a fuel injector on a caterpillar C7. 12 - Injector Sleeve O-Ring Kits. :) I liked it. Anyway, if anyone knows anyone that would loan/rent me the tool or come out to re-time it once Iv swapped it please let me know. Depending on what o-ring fails Bottom o-ring… It could fill the cooling system with fuel (with leaking seat problem) and push coolant/fuel out the overflow tank. If you have the older style injectors, I'd recommend reaming the sleeves. I was told by a fellow RV er with a Cummins, that 3116s were known to have early failure rates around 80K miles that couldnt be fixed or rebuilt. manufacturer in EC21 Not overly huge in dimensions. 6L Duramax (LB7) Injector 2001-2004 $ 15. they also had issues with the injector bore seats in the head coming Aug 20, 2013 · Topkick cat 3116 wont start Check your fusible links; these are small wires molded into the middle of a bigger wire they are usually located up by the battery cables. Stop in at any shop (not a cat dealer) and if they are bieng honest with you they will tell you the same thing that i have been saying! Be the first to review “CAT 3116 Diesel Engine, 250HP, 10k Miles on a CAT Rebuild. Injectors and other fuel system componets are more expensive than the 3116. Need real world insight. Bottom line, avoid the Cat motor. i was hoping you can tell be how to crack open individual injectors or fuel lines to determine bad one. Buy it? Contact us: sales@excavator-parts. 95 May 20, 2009 · Topkick cat 3116 wont start. 00 $ 15. cat 3116 bad injector

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